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coffee mug warmer

The best quality cup warmers offered by PYXISTIFY

The best quality cup warmers

In old times it was a dream to keep your coffee cup warm for a longer period however it is not a dream anymore. With the advancement and progress of technology and innovation in every area of life, the home and kitchen industry has also evolved and coffee mug warmer is the sweet outcome of these innovations.

You must be looking to do some more research before purchasing one after all if you are a first-time customer it is your fundamental right to know more about a coffee cup warmer and it’s functioning.

A coffee cup warmer is an electrical gadget used to keep your coffee warm for a longer time. It’s a revolutionary gadget that holds your coffee warm till your last sip at the same level of temperatures when it was poured into your cup in the beginning. It helps you maintain the same taste and freshness of your coffee till the end so that you won’t lose the excitement of drinking your favourite beverage at any instant of time. In more simplified words its helps you keep the contents of your mug warm for prolonged periods. A coffee cup warmer is a device that is fully electrically powered and takes energy from an electrical socket or USB device that can also be connected to your computer or a USB-powered socket depends upon the design of your coffee cup warmer.  

Consider the coffee cup warmer as a passive solar heating device that works in conjunction with your brewing process to produce sustainable energy. As the water and oil are added to the brew pot at the start of brewing, the coffee cup warmer begins to absorb heat from the water or oil, slowly heating the liquid to distribute it more evenly throughout the pot. As additional hot liquids are added while warming the coffee to serve, the coffee cup warmer continues to absorb heat until it reaches a steady temperature for serving. This allows you to start your day with a cup of joe that’s ready to enjoy without having to pull out your AC overnight!

Coffee cup warmers not only keep coffee cups warm throughout the day but also serve as a green alternative to heating and reheating coffee. In cold weather, a drip coffee cup can be a useful way to heat water when you have fewer other options. The advantages of using a coffee cup warmer over other methods include. Heat up your water gently without wasting energy or creating a large heat source.

If you are a coffee lover or any other hot beverage lover and looking for ways to keep your coffee warm then we have a perfect solution for you at PYXISTIFY. You may find plenty of coffee cup warmers available through any e-commerce store easily but you may find them expensive and who knows most of these cup warmers are not that reliable at all apart from the cost that’s why we have introduced a coffee cup warmer under our brand name which not affordable but also reliable and our customers are loving it if you are residing inside the UK you will get your coffee cup delivered with in the same day.

Something you must know about Pyxistify before making a purchase 

PYXISITFY is a limited company that is based in London, UK. We are into providing quality products to our customers. Our team has years of experience in the field of e-commerce and product research. We are an e-commerce company that strives to provide the most current products to our customers. With years of experience in the field of online shopping, our team is dedicated to providing quality goods to customers.

At pyxistify, we aim to provide you with the best and the coolest products and make pyxistify a household name. We are an e-commerce company that strives to provide the most current products to our customers. With years of experience in the field of online shopping, our team is dedicated to providing quality goods to customers.

Pyxistify is an online shop where you can find products from different categories, from home and kitchen to baby care. We know the importance of customer satisfaction and we strive hard to provide the best quality products. We love what we do and we aim to please our customers. Our team of product research specialists works hard to bring you the best out of the market and that’s one of the most important parts of our goal which is very clear:

“To make every aspect of your life easier”

We do this by offering easy solutions to make your life easier. You can even customize your experience to get exactly what you want.

Some of the best features offered by PYXISTIFY coffee cup warmer

At PYXISTIFY we want to help you save money by using less coffee and we want to help the environment by reducing energy consumption. We offer a cup warmer that doesn’t use a lot of power and is easy to use.

Our mission is to always provide you the best products available. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. That is why we have introduced this amazing coffee mug warmer with the best features available today at an affordable price.


Here is the list of some of the best features offered by PYXISITIFY coffee mug warmer

  • It is designed to keep your coffee warm for hours at a time and easy to use even it keeps your hot drinks warm in style with this unique cup warmer, made just for coffee. It's made to fit your car's cup holder, so it doesn't take up much space in the car when not in use.

  • The Automatic Temperature Control System in the coffee cup warmer ensures that the internal temperature is kept at the optimal level needed to keep your coffee warm.

  • The Mug Warmer is equipped with short circuit protection, which automatically shuts off the heating element if it has been activated for an extended period. The unit will power back on after approximately one minute.

  • Our coffee cup warmer not only keeps your hot beverages warm it has an amazing spectacular value-added feature apart from just mug warmer!! Guess what? It’s a built-in wireless mobile charger that is designed for your Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other Qi-supported phones and headsets. Simply rest your device on the cup warmer to charge safely!

  • Keep your phone or tablet warm and safe from the elements with this Back to Back Coffee Cup Warmer. It stylishly couples a smart phone charger with a heat source, safeguarding your device from over charging while keeping it juiced up all day long.

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